Cleaver Family Farms - Piedmontese Beef

Our desire is to produce natural beef that is healthy for the consumer. Therefore, we use NO growth hormones or antibiotics in our animals.  We also use absolutely no animal byproducts.  That is also the reason we have chosen to raise the Piedmontese beef. They have been proven to have less fat, and lower cholesterol content than skinless chicken, yet be very tender and flavorful.

When we first heard about the Piedmontese breed of cattle, we were skeptical. It was hard to believe that the lean beef Americans were looking for was actually here, and it was done naturally; not by using hormones, chemicals, or drugs. Not only was the meat tender, it was extremely tasty, just like you'd expect top quality beef to be. The Piedmontese influence gives us a choice in our beef fat-content levels. Crossbred Piedmontese will be significantly leaner than conventional beef, while the pure Piedmontese is ultra-lean.


Where you can get our beef:

Cleaver Family Farms
495 S. 750 W.
Delphi, IN. 46923

We also sell pork and lamb. Please call or email us with any questions you may have.

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